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PODGTX ONE is a user-friendly MTL kit equipping GTX coils that give fresh flavor-boosting and rich cloud delivery. With an airflow control system of the GTX TANK 18, it keeps the whole vaping catering to your desired expectation. Furthermore, featuring Max 40W adjustable power supporting smart VW mode, the GTX ONE provides impressive vaping experience throughout. The 2000mAh built-in big battery comes with 2A Type-C USB allows longer endurance as well as easier recharging. Leading the many others on flavor exploring journey, the compact GTX ONE is the one that fits perfectly.

 GTX Coils Flavor Producer Adjustable Airflow & Power 2000mAh / 2A Type-C 0.69'' OLED Screen Compact Design Scratch-free Cover

  • Adjustable Power

    With built-in 2000mAh capacity and 2A Type-C fast charging, the GTX ONE gives more time to enjoy and less time to spend towards recharging. The adjustable power system makes it compatible with most coils be possible.

  • 0.69'' OLED Screen

    The 0.69'' concise user interface makes all details absolutely clear to your eyes.

  • Portable, Durable

    Delicately processed with both aesthetics and ergonomics, not only the portable GTX ONE can be carried everywhere you go, but provides a cozy hand feel with anti-skid and anti-scratch. Every part of the device looks striking.