NASTY - Bad blood 60 ML ( 6 MG )

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Bad Blood by Nasty Juice 60ml vape juice is simply brewed to perfection. The sweet and earthy blackcurrant flavor gets combined with a slight hint of menthol, resulting in a splendid vape.

Blackcurrant is one of those flavors that vape juice brands don’t explore nearly enough. However, Nasty Juice has risen to the challenge, elevating this delicious berry flavor to a new level by using the best flavoring agents that money can buy. Bad Blood vape juice is a tart and sweet berry flavor that doesn’t taste like anything else that you have experienced.

When you inhale Bad Blood vape juice from Nasty Juice, tangy and tart blackcurrant flavor wakes up the tongue and makes the mouth water with delight. Then, on the exhale, a burst of natural berry sweetness flows over the palate and makes the sweet tooth feel giddy with excitement. To round it out, there is a slight hint of cooling menthol.