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JustFog MiniFit POD Product dataThe Justfog Minifit POD kit is a super compact vape mod that is very easy to take with the small size of 7 cm. The Minifit is powered by a built-in 370mAh battery and supports a constant outgoing voltage with a 3-level battery indicator. The Minifit is known for its multiple protection functions, making this e-cigarette very safe. The Minifit starter set is made of high quality polycarbonate and has a 1.5ML refillable cartridge.Justfog Minifit PODsThe Minifit battery uses the Minifit PODs. These PODs have a Ohmage of 1.6Ohm and are easy to refill by disconnecting the POD from the battery. Push the POD back, forward and then up to disconnect the POD. When the vapor production is reduced and you begin to taste a burnt taste, you should replace the POD. The PODs can be ordered separately on our website.Battery indication3 LED lights = 70 to 100%2 LED lights = 30 to 70%1 LED light = 0 to 30%SpecificationsConstant outgoing voltageMultiple protection functionsSimple filling systemJapanese organic cottonTank capacity: 1.5MLBattery capacity: 370mAhOutgoing voltage: 3.4VResistance: 1.6Ohm (built-in)Size: 21 x 15 x 70mmCharge via Micro-USBAvailable in colors: stainless steel, black and red