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Kiwi Strawberry – Killa Fruits Salt Nic E Liquid


The tiniest member of the melon family packs a strong punch of tropical tartness with a citrus twist. The kiwi alone could give you an enriched vaping experience that would fully satisfy your fruity desperation. However, simply satisfied is not what the makers of Kiwi Strawberry were going for when they crafted this magnificent vape juice into a fruit frenzy. They combined the powerful, yet humble kiwi with the proud notes of sweet and ripe strawberry flavor. The kiwi notes graze your tongue with a profound juiciness that captures the natural melon sugar and zesty citrus tannins projected by this small, but a mighty green sphere of gratification. One pull from your vaping device of Kiwi Strawberry E Liquid and you’ll be curiously intrigued by the various properties that swirl around in your mouth. Your tongue will be teased by the precise levels of sour notes the kiwi brings, while the roof of your mouth will be blessed by the ripe, berry sweetness of the strawberry. The small, but ever-present tart notes of the strawberry pair exceedingly well with the tropical spritz of the kiwi and the smooth delivery of salt nicotine to your lungs. You’ll love the sweet bliss that this fruit combo creates. It will warm your endorphins when they need a natural sugar blanket. While your happiness receptors are snuggling in a red berry embrace, your tongue and lips will be invigorated with a spark of tart to pick you up and keep you focused on the day ahead. You could take a trip to the ripest patches and pick the plumpest, red strawberry, then take a tropical detour to infuse the best notes of the brightest green neon kiwi to emulate this e liquid or, you could sit back and enjoy the hard efforts spent on perfecting the balance of these two titans of fruit flavor in the misty haze of Kiwi Strawberry. If you loved Killa Fruits E Liquid, you'd absolutely adore this variation made with salt based nicotine.


**This product is made with salt nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**


Primary Flavors: KiwiStrawberry