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Looking for a new nic salt to use in your pod mod? Mad Hatter’s premium e-liquids have gained some notoriety, perhaps best known for their I Love Donuts juices. They craft their juices with quality ingredients. Their company base is in Southern California. One of my friends hooked me up with some nic salts by this brand. While I wasn’t so sure how this spearmint gum flavor would fare as a nicotine salt, I was ready to give it a try.

I Love Salts Spearmint Gum’s Packaging and Branding

While the e-liquids from Mad Hatter have a bit more color and pizazz to the labels, it’s pretty easy to tell that their nic salt line, I Love Salts, is from the same company. I Love Salts Spearmint Gum by Mad Hatter features an all-white background, with their logo: this one with a green heart and green accents. The flavor name is clearly displayed below, as are the other necessary details.

Their packaging and branding give a mature feel—which I think works great for their nic salts. No flashy colors or graphics, just a clean, simple, to the point look.

The Smell

I Love Salts Spearmint Gum by Mad Hatter Juice is undeniably spearmint in smell. I feel like I just opened up a pack of gum. Or spearmint toothpaste. However, you wanna look at it, the end smell is the same.

The Flavor

Mad Hatter Juice’s website defines their Spearmint Gum Nic Salt flavor as follows: “It’s like getting in your car and turning on the air conditioner on a scorching hot day. That first blast of refreshment is euphoric — and we’ve distilled that essence into our new Spearmint Gum salt nicotine flavor. If you like to keep things simple, fresh, and cool, this is the flavor for you. Paired with the already smoother feel of salt nicotine, this arctic blast will keep you feeling breezy all day long.”

Breezy indeed. But let’s see if it lives up to this refreshing description.

Vaping I Love Salts Spearmint Gum by Mad Hatter Juice

I loaded up a fresh 1.5-ohm pod for my SMOK Novo and let it saturate for about ten minutes. I always find it a bit nice when a flavor profile is kept so simple. Sometimes, you don’t want a complicated, craft blend. That was my expectation for I Love Salts Spearmint Gum. I was hoping for a clean, fresh, easy to vape spearmint flavor.

The inhale of this nic salt was as I hoped. A minty spearmint tinge that increased in the middle. On the exhale, I got that sensation of coolness you’d get from chewing a piece of gum—or in this case, vaping it. Pleasantly, this isn’t too strong. For someone that doesn’t always go for the cooling mint flavors, some of them are just too much. This one is refreshing, at the forefront, but without feeling like you’ve gulped down mouthwash.

Cloud Production

As a nic salt, we all know these aren’t made for thick, legendary clouds. These are intended for lower wattages and are very flavor specific. Vapor is as you’d expect. You can see some on the exhale…that’s about it.

Product Information

VG/PG Ratio: 50/50

Available in 25 and 50mg of nicotine

Sold in a 30ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle