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An Aegis Pod

Without a doubt, the overall appearance of this pod is quite memorable as the Aegis style of Geek Vape is made from Faux leather, along with some visible contrasting seams, with a sleek and clean finish.

Technical Data

Size 88.1 x 40.3 x 18 mm
Weight 73 g
Battery 800 mAh
Charge USB-C
Eliquid Capacity 3.5 ml


On each side of the Aegis pod, there are rubberized bands, which ultimately make it easy to hold. The assembled pieces on the body of the battery are smooth to the touch and have that clean and sleek appearance.

The Aegis pod is no more than 18 mm thick, a convenient size that allows users to discreetly and quickly please the pod in any clothing pocket, using the inside liner pocket of a light jacket or in empty pants pocket and even any woman’s purse or day today bag without cluttering it up more.

On the flipside of this pod device we can easily decipher a detailed inscription and of course, it should come to no surprise that it is the Aegis logo inscribed, as a reminder on this other side of the pod. But its visual identity is present enough not to be mistaken, it is indeed Aegis!

Under the pod, a USB port type C allows recharging. The connection is well integrated. Charging time is short, which is a good point. With a capacity of 800 mAh, the pod is in the average of competing products.

The fire button exceeds enough to fall naturally under the finger without being too prominent. A small LED light in the center of the button indicates the use of battery power by reviewing the charge level. Not to mention, the LED light is bright enough for outdoor use.

Good flavours

The pod tank seemingly commands to be slightly opaque. It is easier to visually see the level of liquid remaining in the pod without much difficulty and without removing the cartridge. The pod being provided by the manufacturer comes equipped with a reservoir and two resistors. Of course, we would have very much enjoyed a chance to find a second cartridge to obviously use for the second resistor.

The two resistors are literally identical. They have a value of 0.6 ohm and are made of Kanthal mesh.

Regarding the G coil, it has been designed as a Kanthal mesh coil, delivering your preferred flavors of vape juice with precision. So, the vapor density can be justified as producing a good result — although a little high for very tight MTL use. In direct inhalation, the draft is very restricted. In all configurations, the flavors are present and right.

One major advantage of the G coil is the fact that the cartridge does not ever show any signs of the slightest leak or oozing, despite many successive refills.

Airflows are a bit noisy when inhaled. Nothing too unacceptable, but the pod is less discreet in terms of sound than visual.
The pod does the job perfectly. The autonomy is good, given the format of the pod. Charging is particularly fast, which allows you to quickly find acceptable autonomy during the day.