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G.Coils System

Superior flavor is boosted
by the magnificent G.Coil System
to meet all vaper's expectation

Geekvape will always be the pioneer to explore new coil systems. Our flavor boost system is determined

to deliver remarkable flavor on every single puff and to satisfy both MTL and DTL users. Moreover, we aim

to implement coil performance consistency with our harmless cotton, providing extremely long life-span

performance, and eliminating the need to frequently change coil heads due to accidental dry hits.

Chase only the best flavor

Geekvape now redefines its coil system starting with the G.Coil Pod-Formula. The G.Coil system assures future-proof cross compatibility with upcoming same level of products (5W-15W) from Geekvape. The G.Coil Pod-Formula is made to chase the best flavor, designed to perfect leakproof tendency and is capable of enhancing most types of salt nic juice.

Higher satisfaction at lower cost

Geekvape now advanced its coil system with the G.Coil Boost-Formula,
the same coil used by the Mighty Pod Mod device Aegis Boost. The G.Coil
system assures future-proof cross compatibility with upcoming same level
of products (support up to max. 40W) from Geekvape. The G.Coil Boost-Formula
is designed for higher output and capable of enhancing both freebase & salt
nic juice.

Unbelievable satisfaction

Geekvape now completes its coil system with the G.Coil Zeus-Formula, the same coil used in Zeus Sub-ohm tank. The G.Coil system assures future-proof cross compatibility with upcoming same level of products (support up to max. 200W) from Geekvape. The G.Coil Zeus-Formula is made for extremely long-lasting & high consistency experience and designed for maximum output.


 Our Coil 

Kanthal precision technology

The Kanthal A1 is made up of iron, chromium, and aluminum that are commonly used in a varied range of applications

that have high resistance and high-temperature capacity suitable for any type of vapes. Our KA1 coils are well-known for being used in

Cerberus Tank, Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank, Frenzy Pod, Aegis Boost, and is recognized as one of the best kanthal coils

out in the market by vapers because of its amazing coil performance, super-quick prime design, and extremely long

life-span. Despite the outstanding coil performance, the flavor is not being neglected. Freebase and nicotine salt

are all welcome.


 Our cotton 

Cleanest taste, fastest absorption

Geekvape cotton is made entirely of natural high-quality organic cotton with no harmful chemicals, colorants and bleach,

which is non-toxic and harmless. It's super absorbent with high heat resistance for long lasting performance and

consistency. Additionally, large fiber and thick flat cotton strips is extremely fluffy and easy to work with, it’s perfect for

RDAs, RTAs and RDTAs.


Flavor boost system

Enhanced user experience

Flavor wise is our first priority to enhance the user experience. Geekvape is always dedicated to

seek the best coil system technology and enhance the cotton performance in order to provide the

outstanding flavor to our consumers, which gives our consumers a premium level of user experience.


Precision airflow system

Enhanced control

Overall user experience relies on the amount of airflow you adopt, that is why we

provide customers airflow options to either fully enjoy the cloud chasing or flavor payout.

Our well-known Zeus X and Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank are combined with both top

airflow and the top-to-bottom airflow to deliver massive flavor and vapor

production simultaneously. Our Baron RDA has a multifunctional airflow system with easy adjustments,

allowing customers to enjoy different levels of user experience. Lastly,

our Tengu RDA is designed with the honeycomb side airflow inlets for

smoother and more controllable airflow.