BEARD - NO. 64 60 ML ( 3 MG )

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No. 64 by Beard Vape 120ml Review

No. 64 by Beard Vape 120ml is a bit of a strange flavor but it works. The dazzling taste of cotton candy with a hibiscus twist blends together flawlessly.

Beard Vape isn’t the type that plays it safe. Their fearless approach to developing exquisite e-juices is evident in their No. 64 eliquid. No. 64 e juice is a deeply flavorful liquid because it combines sugary blue cotton candy with the floral and complex flavor of hibiscus. The result is something unexpectedly satisfying in every way. If you are tired of the same old vape juice flavors, grab a bottle of No. 64 vape juice and you won’t be sorry.

No. 64 e-liquid is one of those flavors that’s as innovative as it is delicious. By putting together cotton candy and hibiscus flowers, the taste buds are treated to something deeply layered and uniquely delicious. Each inhale and exhale of No. 64 e-juice keeps the taste buds in a state of excitement and satisfaction.

As you inhale No. 64 vape, the comforting flavor of blue cotton candy will intoxicate your sweet tooth with sugary goodness. As you exhale, floral and sweet hibiscus flavor will drench your taste buds with its exotic and simply yummy taste.

No. 64 e liquid comes in a 60 ML bottle that has a dropper cap for easy refilling and is available in five nicotine strengths. It has a 70 percent VG and 30 percent PG base that is excellent if you enjoy chasing thick clouds.

Looking for something a little different? No. 64 ejuice from Beard Vape will hit the spot with its delicious flavor while keeping your taste buds guessing. No. 64 vape juice is a must-have for anyone whose palate is ready for something unique and extraordinary.

VG/PG: 70/30
Flavor Profile: Blue Raspberry, Hisbiscus